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As a CAPS member, you have a world of data at your fingertips. Use our metrics and best practices to see how you stack up in your industry and track your strategic activities against others.

With a large database of primary KPIs and trends on topics that are important to you, we are able to slice and dice data, identify trends, find answers to your unique questions, and provide insights that support growth and transformation. 

Timely results, current metrics, measurable progress

Unbiased data when & how you need it

CAPS benchmarking helps you take your supply management practice from tactical to strategic. Are you looking for best-in-class KPIs on corporate social responsibility, technology, talent, and risk management for your industry or others? CAPS offers an on-demand metrics dashboard, a library of valuable reports on a wide range of topics, a network with answers to your questions, and a team that goes above and beyond to get you the metrics that will power your strategy going forward.

There are a number of ways to leverage CAPS data (click tabs below): 

Plain and simple: member offerings at CAPS are member-driven. To ensure our benchmarking topics, metrics, and products are most valuable to you, we actively solicit your input.

At the Benchmarking Pipeline meeting, senior leaders at your organization will have the opportunity to discuss issues of pressing importance and let the CAPS team know which metrics and surveys would help drive your organization forward.

The CAPS benchmarking agenda is member-driven, resulting in reports, trends, and valuable data points on the topics of most importance to you. We publish numerous reports each year, easily accessible in the CAPS Library. Learn more about the library with our search tips.

Also, the newly launched Metrics of Supply Management dashboard is available for members searching for specific metrics tracked over the last 5 years, including breakouts by industry.

Non-members: Reports published in the last seven years are reserved for CAPS members, but anyone can create an account and search our archives. Also, if you're not a member but want fresh metrics, opt-in to participate in surveys and, if you are eligible to participate, you will receive the reports showing the results of each survey you submit.

If you’re looking for specific metrics, the team is poised to design and deliver custom reports to transform your daily practice:

  • Comparisons by industry or total population
  • Breakouts by industry, sector, revenue, spend, and more
  • Quartiles and year-over-year trends
  • Output based on your organization's definitions (e.g. ROI as total cost savings v. cost reduction savings minus SM OpEx)

And if your organization has participated in our annual Metrics of Supply Management survey, we are able to further customize your metric reports.

Leverage the CAPS network for best practice conversations with other supply management leaders. If you have issues you want to talk through or want to gather real-life best practices, CAPS will facilitate introductions between you and other supply management professionals, and arrange a time to speak on a topic of mutual interest.

If you'd like to discuss best practices in greater depth, we'll host a 60-90 minute teleconference with a targeted group of companies of similar interests.


Do you need data to complete a project or inform an initiative at your organization? We will send a simple 2-3 question email to a targeted list of companies on your behalf and get you a handful of answers quickly. This is also a great way to solicit interest for follow-up teleconferences.

If you have any questions about CAPS benchmarking offerings, please feel free to reach out. 

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