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Trends and breakouts on-demand

Key metrics when & how you need them

Launched in January 2021, the Metrics of Supply Management Dashboard allows CAPS members to select, compare, and break out performance metrics as a 5-year trend, by sector, or by industry. It is available on-demand and includes more than 50 data points, including: 

  • Spend metrics like direct and indirect spend, both sourceable and managed
  • Value metrics including ROI, cost reduction, and cost avoidance
  • Supply management (SM) group KPIs such as organization structure, functional alignment, OpEx, salaries, training, and headcount
  • SM employee metrics, including salary and benefits, OpEx, spend, total savings, and reduction per SM employee, as well as a breakdown of FTEs in different SM functional roles

Inter- and cross- industry performance metrics

The most comprehensive KPIs available

The Metrics of Supply Management is our most all-encompassing report, providing key performance indicators (KPIs) for headcount, OPEX, spend, savings, ROI and more. This report collects data from companies from across a range of industries every year since 2007, all available in the CAPS Library. It provides important insights and trends, allowing you to compare your own metrics to others in your industry and across industries. 

In our most recent report, five industries and three sectors are broken out from the general population, allowing for supply management groups to see how they stack up against comparable organizations. 

Members get personalized reports

Exclusive tools & customized reports

CAPS members who participate in the Metrics of Supply Management survey can not only compare their metrics in the on-demand dashboard, but they can also request customized reports and breakouts, getting quantifiable data to support strategic decisions. Is this is something your organization would benefit from? Learn more about membership now.

Non-members: get a
free metric report

Interested in seeing how you stack up? Request to be added to the benchmarking invitation list. Those who participate in the Metrics of Supply Management will receive a report with the results.

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