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CAPS benchmarking surveys are a small time commitment with a big return.

Most surveys are short with less than 10 tick boxes (with the exception of our annual Metrics of Supply Management survey). You’ll receive 1-2 per month – answer the surveys you can. If the survey isn’t in your area of expertise, feel free to forward it to an SME in your company, and if they complete it, you’ll both get a copy of the report.

Non-members will get the reports for each survey they submit, as our thanks.  Members can request polls, breakouts, comparative reports, and calls with other members, but as a non-member, completing surveys is the best way to get access to some of the valuable unbiased data.

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Avoid duplicate submissions.

For most surveys, we need one response per company. If others in your organization get the same survey, please coordinate with them.

CAPS surveys are never sponsored or underwritten.

Our surveys are unbiased and sales-free. We prohibit underwriting, and are dedicated to the integrity of our reports.

We protect your data.

We will never share, distribute, or sell your data or personal information. All survey data is reported in aggregate and ownership is protected.

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Thank you for your interest in participating in benchmarking surveys. The benchmarking team invites contacts to participate in surveys based on a number of factors, such as company size and whether or not someone from that company is already participating in surveys. If you have any questions, please let us know.
It is only necessary to submit this form once. 

Metrics, KPIs, and best practices from top companies like yours

CAPS surveys are timely and practitioner-driven

All past reports are available to member companies, but non-members must participate to receive the results of any given survey. Below are examples of past surveys, similar to what you may be sent going forward.

Please note: This list does not include research reports, models, tools, or templates that live in the CAPS Library.

New Measurements of Value

Business Partner Engagement

CPOs Reporting KPIs to Senior Executives

Delivering Value to the Enterprise

Demand Management and the Supply Management Group

Exploring Strategic Category Management

Supply Management Transformation

Supply Management Trends

Supply Chain Resiliency

Managing Supplier Risk

New Supplier Assessments

Managing through the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Supplier Assessment Tools

Supply Chain Mapping

Sustainability and Supply Management

Strategically Advancing Supplier Diversity at Large Companies

Determining Supplier Diversity Status

Supplier Diversity Program Performance

Human Rights and the Supply Chain

Post-Pandemic Corporate Travel Policies

Transparency and Collecting Supply Chain Data

Pandemic Impact on Payment Terms

Automating the P2P Process

Procure-to-Pay Metrics

Procurement Automation

Punchout and ERP-Hosted/CIF Catalogs

Purchasing Operations Centers


GPOs and Amazon-for-Business

Cost Savings Measurement and Reporting

Early Career Supply Management Employees

Procurement Team Skills and Roles

Profile of a CPO

Recruiting Talent

Buyer Training and Certification

Emerging Technology in Supply Management

Implementing Emerging Technology in Supply Management

Digital Transformation and Data Analytics

Applying Advanced Data Analytics

Gifts and Entertainment Policy

Managing Real Estate Leasing Portfolios

Indirect Bid Thresholds

Sourcing Marketing Spend Categories

Travel and Entertainment (T&E) Expense Management

Sourcing Services and Indirect Spend

Accuracy of Spend Classifications

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