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CAPS News-24 July 2024

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Spend Per Category Manager

Across industries, category management employees comprise an average of 18% of the total supply management headcount. As more companies embrace a formal category strategy approach and invest in this strategic role it opens the door for increased spend and savings per FTE, in addition to increased protection from risk. How does your company compare?

CAPS News-10 July 2024

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Headcount in Strategic Roles

According to the 2024 CAPS Metrics of Supply Management report, 28.6% of the total headcount is in the tactical role of transactional buying. As companies identify priorities and fill gaps, strategic hires of supply management professionals should help decrease the number of tactical roles that could be moved to a shared services group.

CAPS News-26 June 2024

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Incorporating Environmental Sustainability Criteria into Procurement Decisions

Global firms face mounting pressure to improve their environmental sustainability from various stakeholders across the ecosystem, including customers, regulators, suppliers, employees, and shareholders. In this blog, learn more about the study, the research, and how companies are addressing these expectations, particularly concerning purchasing.

Barriers to Sustainability

Lack of performance measures (40%), lack of business case (37%), and unsupported system integrations (37%) are the primary barriers to adopting sustainability criteria in supplier selection according to a recent study released by CAPS Research. These numbers will likely persist until universal sustainability standards and a clear business case motivate companies to integrate initiatives into their sourcing processes.

CAPS News-12 June 2024

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Top Uses for Generative AI

Results from a recent report from CAPS Research show that 38% of companies are using Generative AI for cleaning spend data, 29% use it to analyze marketing and category intelligence, and 26% to help users through requisitions, guided buying, etc. This data suggests engaging Generative AI in procurement could bring a significant boost to productivity and profitability.

CAPS News-29 May 2024

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