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Supply Chain Financing: A Conversation With the Authors



CAPS recently sat down with the authors of Supply Chain Financing: Funding the Supply Chain and the Organization to discuss how supply management organizations can employ supply chain financing to transition from simply maximizing profit to expertly leveraging cash flow. Whether you’re a CPO wanting a refresher on supply chain finance or a practitioner who has transitioned from another discipline, the authors talk about how key information in the book can help you lower supplier risk and boost the liquidity and health of your supply chain.

Supply Chain Financing: Funding the Supply Chain and the Organization offers a holistic view of supply chain financing that enables companies to reduce costs, improve their working capital, and manage risks. The book examines how to structure a global supply chain finance, fintech providers, and alternative methods of payment, while also offering a view of the future that incorporates new platforms and analytical tools to optimize efficiencies in an organization and increase working capital flows.

An eponymous 2016 CAPS Research study served as the launchpad for this new book. You can learn more about the study by creating a free account in the CAPS Library.

Authors Dale Rogers and Thomas Choi, both Arizona State University professors, and Rudolf Leuschner of Rutgers University have donated their proceeds from the sale of this text to CAPS Research. Purchase Supply Chain Financing at or on


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